“Answers To Objections on TLIG”
By: Jim Peters
December 2, 2008
Over the past few years, a number of objections have been heard by this author and in general by those
who evangelize on the inspirations of True Life In God , received by Vassula Ryden (“Vassula”) most
commonly referred to as the “Messages of TLIG”.
This paper will not address objections from non Christians, as the underlying premise is that non
Christians need to first accept the Divine authority of Jesus, before they can accept TLIG, because of the
large number of inspirations from Jesus that can be found in TLIG.
It is the belief of the author that Christian objections to TLIG are often the result of a poor
understanding of the Messages of TLIG, either because they are not read in their totality or because
they are not read in prayer to the Triune God. Whereas some have objections that are based in hearsay
evidence, others object to these inspirations in principle, based on their fear of possibly being misled
into a dogmatic error. After all, it is safer to stay with the “tried and true” traditions of their Christian
Church, than to follow something that may sound good, but may ultimately be proven wrong.
One can hardly disagree with the notion of “proceeding with caution”. However, if God is truly speaking
today, His people cannot and should not ignore their Master’s voice.
It is hoped that the following answers to the most common objections (or questions) will provide some
comfort to those who seek sincere answers, so that they could indeed “proceed with caution” and feel
at ease to read the TLIG Messages. May the Holy Spirit enlighten us all who seek with sincerity and child
like heart.
1. Does the Church approve TLIG?
 The Church is slow and deliberate in action, and for good reason. Throughout the centuries of
Church history, many a charismatic person has risen with spiritual pronouncements of one sort or
another that have been proven wrong! Time has a way of “sifting” and separating truth from
fiction. The “flash in the pan” and the latest novelty may just be wrong!
Yet, God is not dead! God would not remain silent in our times, when we live at an age of
debasement and sin that is unrivaled in the history of mankind! Consider, for example the global sin
of abortion: Estimates vary, but it is reasonable to state that in the last 35 years since abortion has